New Path to Start Over

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New path to Star Over. One of the craziest and annoying thoughts I have in my mind today. Its very difficult to be irregular student at a University, where all of your expenses are doubled because there are only a few that can enroll in that specified subject. Where as those irregular student will have to pay the missing students to make the subject load at least minimum so that the professors and instructors will be paid for a good price.

This would not happened if these University Instructors wouldnt fail a student but should also teach each individual student properly and precise. Students fails because they are not studying, which is only 20% true because the student also has to understand it from the instructors first.

My new Path to Start Over this semester is ill not be getting a Job after graduation. It seems that I can still manage everything free lancing and can earn more than a regular employee per monthly would do. Im also happy for my Gf who has been working full time this year and last year since October so she can support his family especially her younger brother. Well we could just atleast hope for the Steem’s future perhaps, we already invested our time and effort in this Platform. Its not just only Steemit we are after, we are also here for the future dApps to be launched sooner or later after the SMT’s are launched.

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