Philippines will still remain the most Poorest Country

This post is non-politics, but a reflection to the people of the Philippines and the country it self

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We will still remain as Losers from the Increasing Economic Growth

Belated Happy Independence day by the way, or so it is. I think we dont deserve this day to celebrate Independence day, becuse we are a bunch of losers. If we are talking about negativity, this isnt negativity – this is the reality. People are talking change, yet voting for their deserved candidate for a change of ideals and vision, not from the plan itself.

The country has not improved yet, our circulating money is increasing its inflation, world debt is also increasing to whom? I just think next year would be bitcoin’s era against debts, manipulative printing of new money for inflation backed by gold but it is still not enough.

We are still losers because almost half of us are ignorant, living in a rich family is enough for me to move on. And almost people here living in the slums already wants to settle saving money just for a smartphone than a long term goal and dream by not living in the slums. Get the point? The Poor will never become Rich if they settle for a short term goal, or even a goal that is not good for them. Some even settle for a good motorcycle for short term goals, but in the end they dont have food to eat.

Freezing the bill of the most Largest TV-Broadcasting Network here in PH

Freezing the BILL of the most larges broadcasting network in the Philippines is a hot topic right now. Its not actually a big deal, rumors says because of the company rejected the current President’s ads from his promotions during last 3 years ago. Now, some articles are misleading, some comments are also misleading due to the fact ABS-CBN is also a biased network. I couldn’t agree more, but that is how they work. Bussinesses will be bussiness, if there are community engagements from the network itself, probably because it is sponsored.

If ABS-CBN is said to be banned and not to be renenewed until March 2020, there will be a lot of workers who will lose their Jobs, including my Father. That means, the people’s hatred from the company, the sin they made is also my Fathers sin? This is how toxic Filipino communities are, they speak but they do not think what whould happen if this has to be done.

Now tell me, would you still be happy if there are thousands of people lose their jobs because of the hatred of the company? You already know the truth about the network because they are really biased, why not just use the internet and choose what to believe in? Hundreds of infastructions will be ghosted. You dont have to rely to the network anyways, why force yourself? Do your own research from the news you are hearing.

The issue will be resolved as soon as the Broadcasting company will be able to pass a repost and pay the taxes in time.

The Transporation Fare

On the other hand. New implementations from our transporation franchises are said to be increasing the price of fares. People are ranting about not giving the actual fare discount for students, pwd and senior citizens telling us that the minimum fare is 8PESOS even we have to present our IDs as a student is still 8 PESOS. If people knows about the information about the senate bills and approved republic acts since 2005 about transportation discount services.
The transporation franchise which is the Jeepney and the Jeepney driver will be penalized for 1k-5kPHP.

Then yesterday, someone from the name Yang Yang. Whats wrong of asking the ID of the student for a 20% discount fare. You know what the problem is? The problem is that last 3-4 years ago, even the fares rose up they even dont ask for Identification Cards to prove that we are a student or even Senior Citizen. Then Yang Yang from the facebook told me, “They still need the piso because it benefits them for their family, do you even know how much they are earning in the first place?”

Like I care on how much they are earning for a day, its not our fault that they never seized the opportunity to learn more in school. They never seized the opportunity to learn new things and to educate themselves, like I said – they like to settle for a smartphone, because they consider it like a gold, knowing the price of a smartphone when used is depreciating its value annually even its not used.

Now, telling they need the 1 PESO from the discount – because 20% discount of 8 pesos is 1.6 pesos. They couldn’t even give the remaining exchange for .50 cents because of their laziness. Telling me that they need that and for their family? Do you even know how much they spend for their smoking needs? If they really need the money for their family and children, they should respect the rules inside the public areas that “Smoking is not Allowed”

Part 2 tomorrow lol, Im tired of ranting xD

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