PostValentines Day – Should we really Celebrate it?

PS: Sorry for the bad photo quality, I was using an old smartphone – also did not bring my dslr with me.

Valentines Day

Its an event for couples or everyone to share their own feelings to somebody in a nutshell. Where in fact you might notice that this event has been already a culture for the entire world. In our recent talks with each other while having a double date – my girlfriend and I talked about “how valuable valentines day is” – actually there is no value at all.

FunFact: In Japan, Girls/Women confess first to males when they like them. Girls would have to wait for 1 month for the Men to reply back this coming March 14. (cc. @miriklir)

To think that you may love somebody or celebrate valentines day, everyday of your lifetime. I mean comon, valentines day is just to sell more chocolates and roses to boost the economic resource, to sell more goods and supply. Get it? (Everything is a Merchandise, if you are an economist it would be great Volume of trades). (PS. not an economist)

Why are we celebrating it too? Ahh, good question. It is because it has been a culture, and we also want to express our feelings to our loved ones on how we feel, even though its late (because we were literally busy from our Design Project at our School).

Now another topic from my girlfriend complaining about the food because it sucked, well I think food and experience wont matter at this time if you are celebrating valentines day in my own opinion. Its the bonds between the both people/parties, it would be also amazing if we dont just celebrate Valentines day together with our partner right? It would be better if we celebrate it together with our friends, family and also to our Pet.

Thats all for it today, Stay awesome!

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