Problems Regarding Rooting an Android Device


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Rooting a Device w/ SuperUser

Rooting a device is a very tough decision, especially risking the warranty or voiding its warranty from the device or making it brick in an instant in performing root. Altough these risks have also an equivalent of a God Mode a device by simply saying it.

Problems Encountered

So, I have a Samsung J7 Prime w/ a 6.0.1 Android version and a Model of SMG6105Y. I have succesfully downloaded its requirements and followed basic Univesral Boot instructions. But it still doesn’t work. Question, why am I doing this by the way? Im doing this so I may able to develop more applications and understanding the firmware of the device. Which the requirements are below.

Requirements for Rooting

So I already found my device here and downloaded the CF-AUTO ROOT, same model, same version and same Security patch level. The download comes with ODIN3 lets say an injector or something. Even instructions are there, it is still not rooted, or the devices it not yet rooted after the boot.


Maybe J7 Prime isnt really working for now, I think maybe its best to root your device a year after purchase or release so you may still use your warranty and also give time to think about it.

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