Profoundly – The Spammer of News Feed



The Profoundly app is a messenger bot app that has been created by the developers of NearGroup. In this app, you may able to ask questions to a specific user anonymously. Interestinglly it has been a trend already in our Country to share those in our feed and considered it as an abuse because of frequent spamming.

What is the Big Deal about Profoundly?

The big deal is this, – first of all we understand that facebook is a Social Media Platform thus social status and everything is shared in this content including your hobbies, your likes, the names of your family and friends, but in your own terms. Profoundly app also provides a share to FaceBook following with your answer from an anonymous friend, or maybe non-anonymous friend (you may able to change it).

But thats not the case, the issue we are talking about is the SPAMMING of SHARING these questions. Image if a User shared a lot of questions just to answer those? For what reason, why are you sharing this personal information to everyone? I mean, couldn’t we just keep it into ourselves? Or maybe share it OUTSIDE the news feed like sharing it into your MyDay at Messenger App right?

The Solution We Found…

Luckily we found a solution to block Prfoundly related topics. First, we have an idea to block all of these people who has been using this app for a day and keeps spamming irrelevant topics or unnecessary information. But we wouldnt do that because these are all of our friends, so we came up with another solution we just found out.

Facebook not only provides “Block this User” but a button that “Blocks {APP} related topics”, problem solved. Although we might still see their posts from their timelines, we couldn’t just see it in our Feed. You know why I keep out those SPAMS? Because I want Memes in my Feed, not YOU, or your Personal Issues and Insecurities.

Issue against De-foundly Chrome Extension

Actually there was an app called defoundly, when you are able to discover who were the real people asked the question. But it never worked for me, Ive done so many researches, others are just a hoax because they keep sending Screenshots with less information or they even cut it out or blur the name of app.

It doesnt work. The team said “It is encrypted”, but Ive read the source of its page element. It is not encrypted at all. Profoundly’s servers are centralized, which means those information stored are in their servers, the server will be the ones to set it anonymously and send it to the Messenger bot. Notifying the user “There is a Question for You”

This app is not really new for anyone. There is a similar platform where you can ask questions anonymously.

Are you Reading this?

If you are reading this post, I believe this app is not hunted yet. If you do want to hunt this app, please let me know. Because Ill hunt it within the next day! Cheers 😉

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