Project “Automatic Window Blinds” – Software Update


Project “Automatic Window Blinds”

What I am going to show you from this post is how to install the Arduino and configure it like a noob guy would do. I havent tried it yet because the bread board wires are not available at this moment. So I tried some research and Viola – I think this will work.

Install Arduino IDE – Download it Here – Recommended, since Windows 10 leads you to a different download path or whatever.

Source Code

//include the servo library

#include <Servo.h>

//create a servo object called servo1 Servo servo1;

Servo servo1; //There will be 2 Servos at this Point, but lets start with 1 only.
//Servo servo2;

void setup() {

//servo2.attach(8) 2nd Servo attached

void loop() { 

int lightValue = analogRead(A0);

lightValue = map (lightValue, 0, 1023, 0, 180);


  • Check and Compile it
  • Then Upload it to your Arduino UNO

GitHub Repo Link (Updated as 3:15 PM PHT 5/5/2019)

Want More?

Read this – @tphn , the Developer of the system did not use any Microcontroller, which is a difficult project for some.

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