Project “Automatic Window Blinds”

Not my photo, but this is the concept.

Project “Automatic Window Blinds”

Hi! Long time no post, Ive been busy again for another project. Its an easy project and Id like to make it open source as soon as possible. For now, I am starting to collect all resources need for this project, Ive also started the research from this project. Well, thanks to the internet.

GitHub Repo

Software & Hardware Requirements

  • Arduino
  • Light Dependent Resistor Module
  • Servo Motor(s)
  • Arduino Nano/Uno
  • BreadBoard
  • BreadBoard Wires
  • USB cable for Arduino Uno

Design Project

Its still on development, but we will try our best this week to design one and upload all instructions, every detail, the price and etc, and even the Project itself.

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