Project Smart Fire Detection using Image Processing Update

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Project Smart Fire Detection – 75% Progress

The project Smart Fire Detection using a camera which is Image Processing, is still on going. Our project to be submitted will not be final but only a prototype, our project is also open source and it is available for everyone who wants to grab the Source Code but not the Private Documentation.

Accomplishments, Requirements, Testing and Deadline

The deadline checking of requirements will be this January 25, 2019 Friday. The requirements of our final prototype would be the following.

  • 6 Meters PVC Water Pipe
  • 4 T’s Water Pipe
  • 5 L’s Water Pipe
  • 5 Meters Garden Hose
  • 3D Printed Case Model
  • 2nd Raspberry Pi and Other necessary Requirements from the First PI
  • 4 Mini Water Sprinklers

We are also considering to rent a tent/room for checking our system.

  • A 2 by 3 meter room/tent (inclosed)
  • 1 Monitor Screen for Promotion
  • 1 Monitor Screen for Checking Raspberry Pi
  • Wifi Modem

Accomplishments from our System are the following

  • Prototype A (failure)
  • Prototype B (failure)
  • Prototype C (on-going)


  • Fire (okay)
  • Smoke (on-going)
  • GSM Text Message Warning (okay)
  • Buzzer (okay)
  • Camera (okay)

Smoke is pretty difficult to test, so we decided to test it the system this thursday, next tuesday or next with in the next week.

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