Quad Date last Night!

Better than any Relationships

Hi guys, welcome back to my Personal Blog. I know there are people that are still reading this post of mine. Especially to the active ones, we never get tired of steem – because we know the potential of this blockchain, its not just about the money you make.

To keep this topic relevant, why our Squad date was so special last night and it is also better than all of the current relationships. Why? Because we Share, not just in food, and money, but wer share ideas, agendas, mission and vision. We are the type of persons who has a specific goal.

Yesterday was special, do you know why? For almost 6 months – we are Finally complete together with our girlfriends, except for Elthon who is single atm. Why is he single by the way? I also dont know, one thing is for sure why he really rushed to meet all of us, is because he wants to study Law, he wants to be an Attorney someday. As for me, Ive been dreaming to enroll and graduate with Doctors degree, Im already planning to Enroll Masters degree this year or maybe next school year!

Our Dreams

Our dreams our pretty simple, we dont need luxurious things, or what not. We always want to live a simple life, with simple goals and travel across the globe, share our ideas, our beliefs, and our story maybe someday. We always give, we can also share blessing to others and change their hearts, but not forcing them to believe what we believed in.

Humanity will Strive through, we dont know if the End is near. But its better to stay away from greed and all selfish desires that what the flesh wants. This flesh will rot, and it wouldd be useless someday.

We Dream Big for Humanity, But lets start small, and work now! – If there is someone who made this quote of the day, give him a credit. I just created myself a quote 😛 .

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