Reaching the Age of 21 & A Year in Steem Blockchain

Sorry for another late Post

A Year In Steem

February 1, 2018 I had a difficulty registering an account to steem since that day the price of steem was decreasing and going down, I was new to the platform but I never gave up on it. Steem blockchain helps me understand more about the crypto-market and the blockchain world, more deep, from the principle to its development source codes, and the Communities grow but failed to maintain its endurance because of personal agenda and self-benefits.

For I believe in the saying Dont help others if you are still helping yourself, instead help yourself first.

Basically you cannot help someone or anyone if you still need a help.

Reaching Adulthood

I can’t imagine I already reached this far, the age of 21 is too much weight to hear. Its like hearing ‘responsibility’ more often, rest aside of that, I am currently making a team of Volunteers sooner or later. Adulthood would be a great journey for us.


GeekNest wont have an Official Steem account because it would be a team of Volunteers. Sneak Peek from our Collaborative Logo


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