Scheduled Plans this Summer

Photography Blogs Shall Return!

As you may have notice on my feed from my recent blog is all about trading, steemhunt, investments and rants. Now since I already have some schedules to attend this Summer, and Im not already busy at this time because our Thesis already passed and we just submitted two hard bound copies to our own University. Photography blogs and how I edit these photos will be back! If you want to follow my interesting views and the journey I have, (because that is basically the purpose of this blog lol)

Avengers EndGame Imax!!

Yes! This is one of my awaited days this month of April is the Movie. Ive been waiting for a year now since the decimation of Thanos’ snap last year from the movie Infinity War. I am really a fan of Marvel, Ive been watching these heroes grow for 10 years. I could still remember those times buying a pirated DVD from the black market. Interestingly, I never thought those heroes would assemble in the year of 2012. I have no idea, because I dont watch post credit scenes at that time. After finishing the Marvel’s Avengers, their first team up movie. I waited another Post credits and I knew from the start that it is Thanos himself.

PS: I have almost 10+ copies of Marvel Comics inside my wardrobe. Its not connected to the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it is a different universe actually. From the Ultimate Universe and other Universes that everyone existed. The awesome part of the character that I actually been reading was from THOR. I see his Ultimates Version, he had a long beard and a long hair with his StormBreaker. Too much for that – next Schedule

Dark Phoenix Movie

Another movie from Marvel Studios. Xmen franchise has a different timeline and storyline. Thats why we should not expect Xmen to meet the Avengers. But there are rumors that these heroes will have its own crossovers, especially when the Disney and Fox aquisition. The 2 studioes already set for another movie esp not to mention a Marvel Movie. It is also expected that there will be a NEW Fantastic 4 casts and will be brought up to the Marvels Phase 4 of the movie. (Will XMEN vs. Avengers an interesting Movie to watch, would it be called CIVIL WAR 2? or SECRET WARS?) Secret wars is a long story to tell, and even CIVIL WAR II – was messed up storyline. Many of the characters died because of personal interests. Naturally the fought only for themselves not for the people.

Bantayan Island!

Ooo, this one for sure is interesting to look up into. Not going to tell any details about this trip. Maybe after april or May 1 Ill tell you guys after. Anyways what would be your Summer Plans this summer? Are you just gonna sit and wait for your money to grow? How about trade your tokens to a different token. Like HUNT/BTC It almost reach $1m USD volume cap. Interesting right?

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