Spiderman far from home!

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SpiderGuy is home, but farm from home

Marvel just uploaded a video at tuesday yesterday, everyone got really pumped to watch the trailer assumingly Spiderman and the others from the recent decimination from the snap of Thanos the heroes are saved from the “dust in the wind” you get that? lol

Spidey’s Black Suit

There are total of 5 Spiderman Suits released by Marvel but still owned by Sony Pictures. But still its a brand new suit, which is inspired from the “secret wars” comic booc, with all those black ops and stelthy feels.

Supportive Aunt May

In the trailer, after Spiderman got caught from his Aunt. It looks like Auntmay is pretty supportive with his Nephew Peter and building a cause from a Shelter.

Mysterio Supporting Act Mystery

In the trailer, Mysterio fights the 4 Elemental Super Villians. Mysterio currently has no powers at all based from the comic book ages ago, his powers are merely illusions.

Nick Fury in Europe?

How and why is Nick Fury in Europe while Peter is having a vacation with his Classmates together? Lets get to the topic!


Watch the Trailer

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