Steem Rising?!


Steem Rising?

Whats up Steemians! Please take note that I am not a trader nor an Investor, just speculating some facts and news about what happened why the Steem Price rose to almost .5USD despite of BTC’s stabled price of $5k USD. Now what happened to the crypto market from the those time we are not aware of?

At Mid of March, there are rumors of Visa looking for Blockchain Engineers for technologically advancements or upgrades, specificlly I dont know. These are rumors only, not an accurate news.

2nd Reason is that the market trend is turning to Reversal, BTC and Other altcoins are pretty bearish last yeat, I believe this year would be a great opportunity to buy BTC and other ALTcoins.

3rd reason is that – there has been a lot of developments from this year, there has been a lot of IEO/ICO offered by new platforms, new dApps that would be covering about healthcare, new jobs, new opportunities and most importantly new FREE dApps from the Steem blockchain. This is what I just realized that STEEM is wide. Its super wide like the internet, you may be able to use it to everything. Realizing that building productions and stuff with memo encryption from drugwars, and the encryption from data (custom json)

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