SteemHunt Community is Growing!

disclosure: This is an Un-official post for SteemHunt and also based from my view and opinion which do not reflect the team, the moderators, the influencers and the hunters. I am not a technical writer, nor a professional writer.

SteemHunt Community is Growing

In the past few days, the SteemHunt channel named #random was removed from the server (or I’d rather say LOCKED) for further notice, most of the active hunters wondered where there #random channel is, I got a direct messages a lot on where is the random and the new #discussion channel is too strict for us to speak with. This also proves that these guys arent just here for hunting/posting gadgets/products and stuffs. They are at the SteemHunt discord server to communicate with other hunters. Which is a great thing.

Slow Growth?

In each discord server to be specific there is always a random/general channels, and the purpose of the #random channel is to discuss random & non-related steemhunt topics. Sure we are also discussing about SteemHunt but not in a technical way – some users are usually non-techy and some needs to try to improve the way they choose to post and choose not to post. @aamirjaz & @gentleshaid are one of the hunters that is growing and improving they way they choose great and useful products.

Bonds from the Hunters

Most Hunters are really attached to the #random channel, we dont know actually why and when it started. The new temporary random discord server proves that the community is building friends, and healthy relationships by making jokes and discussing matters which make them feel good regardless of different cultures from different countries.


Despite from the issues above mentioned, I learned that we should first understand each other or by giving a warning that you dont like to be called like this and that. Learn how to accept changes, adapt a new concept and development from the platform and accept negative/postive criticism – in which to approach this kind of matter is to accept and understand the other side of an Opinion.


Im excited to hear more about ReviewHunt soon, my camera is ready, the studio lights are also ready, studio room is almost ready. See you soon.

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