SteemHunt now Snaps its Fingers


disclaimer: I do not own the photo or the logo of SteemHunt this blog is for fun purposes only.

SteemHunt has massively grown over the past few months, which these 2 developers namely @tabris & @project7 has been constantly updating the platform every day and every week, and within that growth, it is also expected that there will be an abuse to “milk” the system. Lets add Astro too.

Again with another disclosure – this is for fun purposes only, and I do not intend to offend anybody or anyone from this post.

Lets talk about fun, because SteemHunt Community is getting really serious or I would rather say – strict or bossy (some call it strict, almost near as utopian). Lets have a fun community talk with everybody.


What topic? That is simple, now SteemHunt just released a ton of alternative accounts. Thanks to @camzy I was able to share this thought (Thanos = SteemHunt snapping its fingers). Now the announcement from hours ago really changed a big impact from the community. A lot of users whom I know also got blacklisted without me knowing. SteemHunt blacklisted 2587 users that is 2000% percent of the current active members.

Here is the list by the way.

Shocking news, and now some users also abuse the token distribution. SteemHunt announces its new update.

  1. Shuffle button

– Lv.0: from 1 – 10
– Lv.1 or above: from 1 – Lv20 (ex_ if your level is 2, it will be from 1 – 40)

  1. Chrome extension

– Lv.0: 1
– Lv.1 or above: Lv10 (ex_ if your level is 2, it will be 20)

— @tabris —

Now you all know how SteemHunt works, SteemHunt is also the one that I forsee – that there is future for Smart Media Tokens. Great job team!

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