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Hello Folks, Steemians, Ladies and Gentlemen! Goodmorning, (Actually its Noon here). It was a tiring day because of yesterdays event. A wedding celebration from my Girlfriend’s relatives the Cuizon family. It was nice meeting their family and especially their friends. First it was awkward, because I was not supposed to be invited or to be there.

I also just finished doing my own laundry, washing the car and its inside. Hey! There will be a huge update this week, and that would be HardFork20. New features are coming, and Im also preparing for promoting SteemPress & SteemHunt in this upcoming months. Im still busy revisioning our thesis to be passed anytime inside the University. A few hours from now, I will be announcing the winners for this weeks SteemHunt Q&A. Thanks to @jassennessaj for sponsoring 5 STEEM.

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