Technophills x ReviewHunt (???)

Technophilia (from Greek τέχνη – technē, “art, skill, craft”[1] and φίλος – philos, “beloved, dear, friend”[2]) refers generally to a strong enthusiasm for technology, especially new technologies such as personal computers, the Internet, mobile phones and home cinema.[3] The term is used in sociology to examine individuals’ interactions with society and is contrasted with technophobia. –

We will have a proper writer for this blog post, after the launch of ReviewHunt.


TechnoPhills derived from the Word TechnoPhilia and will be based from Philippines. TechnoPhills will be a group of Steemians residing near Cebu City and provinces, the team/group should also be a steemian and an experienced steemhunter. But as for the announcement of SteemHunt a few weeks ago.

The launching of Reviewhunt would be this February 2019, the team is already working a beta version of ReviewHunt and most of my colleagues are interested to take the trip to create a good content since we are a tech-person.

Product makers/companies will run a review campaign targeting hunters with HUNT bounty tokens. They are required to purchase the HUNT token either via our payment solution or exchange market.

Our Mission

Our mission is to connect the makers and organizers to the preffered audience via Facebook/Youtube. We will be aiming more audiences for our growth and the product from its makers, build connections and also create programs or whatever the makers will say so.

Roadmap and Building a Geek Team

Since we just started to think about this, first we are planning to have an investment not for buying the tokens but buying the things we need to Influence Products/Promote and Review the Products and create an Awesome Quality Content. We are not an organizer/product makers, we help the platform by making content. Hence, we will buy the following and considered it as an investment.

  • Studio Room
  • Extra Camera that makes (2)
  • Wide angle Lens
  • Professional Microphone(s)
  • Extra PC for Editing that makes 3-4 now
  • Studio Lights
  • Budget for the Rennovation of the Studio Room
  • Peripherals for the Studio
  • Internet (100Mbps)
  • Create an Official Logo for the us
  • Official Website (maybe?)

The budget will cost around more or less 300,000 – 500,000 PHP for this kind of investment, that is $6,000 USD – $10,000 USD. We will be slowly buying these materials and build a great geek-review-team.

The TPGeekTeam

The team will be consisting of 3-5 persons, lets start small. Just like any other Youtuber or Influencers. Starting with 3 Persons.

  • @gecaintristan – Graduating BS-Mechanical Engineering upcoming October 2019
  • @venzam – Graduating BS-Computer Engineering upcoming October 2019
  • @chuuuckie – Graduating BS-Computer Engineering upcoming October 2019

The team is experienced of giving critical opinions from industrial tech, gadgets and to awesome games itself. Of course, the team is also distinguished in digital arts, like editing videos, photos, organizing promotions and etc.

@gecaintristan will be incharge for the Script Writing for the Review and Technical Writing for blogs
@chuuuckie will be incharge for Video Editing and Camera Expertise
@venzam will be our Software/Game System Analyst

PS. We are still Students, but we believe we can make and build more than just a content. Philippines is included at the top 20 most internet users in 2018.

Remember we only thought about this Initiative just now, we had a meeting just recently about making a reviewhunt studio, we will make some changes or make some new plans after the release of ReviewHunt. If you have suggestions and etc, leave a comments. @gecaintristan will be our Technical Writer / Script Writer for ReviewHunt. I know this blog post still lacks something, but we will be returning after the launch of ReviewHunt.

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