Testing out the iPhone X for more SmartPhone Photography

Shot for an iPhone X

This is @lequiry by the way, he doesnt talk to much in the Steem Platform. I just want to test the camera on its first day of use, especially trying it out with the use of adobe lightroom in an iOs version. Its pretty fast, convenient but not user friendly. I found out that its not at its maximum resolution because before the photo has been shot from a 12megapixel camera, that is 2160p, and I guess ill have to install ShareIt or other transferring software from iPhone to PC.

The video is pretty good, especially when the video is running at 4k@60 frames per second. That is absolute awesome. I now understand why iPhone flagship of cameras will be staying for 4k or 12MPx because it is the most standard camera resolution from your screen. No monitors that can display more than 8k of resolution. Even cinematographers are doing just only 2k video quality. I just dont get why people are buying on some cameras with higher megapixel. Honestly its pretty useless. Trust me…

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