Thank you SteemHunt! (100k Tokens Reached!)


SteemHunt is a fast growing dApp of the Steem Blockchain, I guess steemhunt would also be the first succesful SMT to be launched this February, some of the SMT’s are very unsure of what would be the purpose of their own coin. Over the past few months, Ive been almost 5 months in SteemHunt. I don’t really hunt everyday, I usually give meaningful comments before and now I help undervalued hunts to be valued so curators might be able to see.

Researching products is really hard, especially there is no “Official Product Link” there are some products that are innovative, and has a concept that would really benefit the country, it would be still delisted if there is no official product link. Products to be hunted now are scarce, there are almost 30k Products hunted by a few of our fellow community hunters.

Dear SteemHunt

I personally would thank you of reaching this amount of tokens, 100k seems to be fair enough. The hunt tokens will be raised to fund future projects soon, and this is really be a great opportunity to build relationships between the creators of the gadgets and stuffs like that.

How do I get this Amount of Tokens?

Three things

  • Larger Amount of effective SP
  • Influencer Role (average amount is multiplied by 3)
  • Contributions

We really want to promote the HUNT project via Reddit, Medium, and Hacker News. If you are an influencer in those platform, please write up about HUNT project and let us know via this channel. If your content on those channels have a good amount of reactions (upvotes, claps, comments…), we will give you FAR MORE EXTRA TOKENS

SteemHunt is still waiting for articles that will be made from REDDIT – MEDIUM and HACKER NEWS. Now submit your contributions to SteemHunt Discord Server here. We are halfway through from the Airdrops lets make most out of it!

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