Thanos Memes are all Over the Internet!


Thanks to the Internet!

Because of Fans are speculating to the highest level and also obsessed in the upcoming movie in the next month. The fans are now thinking of WHAT IFS. Such thoughts that it went from what if ANTMAN was there and he went inside Thanos’ eardrums and transform himself into a normal size, and then now its went darker, the meme joke from ear drums went below from its the Villains butthole.

Actually there is a Meme where all the of the Avengers are struggling for opening Thanos’ ass so Antman would get inside and crush him inside of it. It has the worse thinking at all.

Now, I would like to share this rant, and my ideas about the meme of how fun it is and how Marvel would have a free Marketing Strategy because of this meme. Because of this meme, images of the Avengers are all over the internet. Most talked about posts in my feed and also on my twitter feed is all about Thanos and the Avengers.

Jokes aside, there is also a few posts about Stan Lee’s inspiration quotes about life and his creation, which is pretty emotional for Marvel fans, (non-bandwagons)

We Love Marvel

Because its a fun way to keep this bubble before the Movie is going to release, would it be fun to watch and see all the memes from a reddit threads in the internet? Seeing those comments made our day, the replies and everything. Those memes did not even spoil us because we know for sure it wouldn’t happen. But its pretty hilarious of what the community has to offer. (I hope Steem community could have some memes like that, but I think steem community is pretty serious about investments and professionalism), Jokes and memes would not really matter, except for berniesanders/ngc and some whales like markymark. They are pretty awesome whales, they are investors that already had so much fun in this blockchain.

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