The Joker Movie



Its all over around the Internet. The Joker, coming this October. (That rhymed) Ok, so The Joker has been trending in the internet about the Low Cost Budget movie but it would still give an awesome good looking movie. The Directors of the movie even said that the movie would mostly not use CGI effects.

DC Comics Killing it!

Yes, they are killing it! Mostly because of the Audience will sympathize the Villain. But the Joker Movie takes place from I think 1980’s to 19070, the cars are old and the places look old, the Television and the gadgets are also old speculated from fans that this is another version of the Joker, the type of “Old Version” which is to be passed to someone like the Joker’s “Jared Leto”

Joaquin Phoneix’ Joker would be super Great! Aside from super great, the artist intentionally loss a lot of weight for the Character – fans said. As Ive mentioned earlier, the movie wont be relying too much in CGIs and Effects because the movie is all about the origin of the Joker or a character study. Ive seen the trailer 10x this day, I also speculated it. The genre of this movie would be somewhat similar to drama but with action and horror because of the character’s Psychopathic reactions.

I still dont know if this movie is for Kids, I think DC movies are not for kids. Its too dark, very very dark, movies from Warner Bros are pretty symbolic, if you dont believe me, there are scenes that has symbolic meanings that is so weird. Some of the scenes, but it exist. The Color of each scene is also dark, unlike Marvel and other of their movies are most likely flat because they want the movie to be realistic.

But I think this would be a huge step for DC Comics to its potential. They were already successful from making cartoon, toys, and others. Except for Marvel who already declared bankruptcy and auctioned their heroes to other studios, now they are a Blockbuster Franchise. Now, with the successful merge of Disney and Fox, Marvel Studios would be planning to play all of those pieces into one movie.


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