The SNAX Token Distribution Confusion

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Basically my thoughts about this Platform, not that much

SNAX Platform

In a nutshell, (basically, not gonna make a long post about it). SNAX rewards users from the daily social interactions exclusively in Steem and Twitter, and that is just it. However the twist from this so called “Utility Token” is that you can tip those users in terms of SNAX (even snax doesnt have price yet, or has it? – please let me know if they already had)

Now, as what I’ve said is the term “Social Interactions” therefore what kind of Social Media Platforms? – It is simple, it is Steem and Twitter.

Why Steem?

Steem is decentralized social platform built with an algorithm called DPoS (Delegated Proof of Stake) and it is also one of the fastest blockchains in the entire Blockchain existed, not to mention EOS and BITSHARES as well. Since SNAX is called (Social Media Overlay) lets just say your activities from your STEEM account generated are recorded to the SNAX blockchain so your interactions are rewarded. Steem is also a public blockchain, everything is recorded and you can never lie against it.

Why Twitter?

PS: Im not a Social Media Professional but my theory is simple, twitter is like a blockchain. There is no way you cant be traced unless you go private mode. Twitter is also not censoring the posts, the likes, the comments generated from the users you followed. Simply everything you do in Twitter can be monitored by the Snax platform. (But I dont know if the guys can record your activities when you go private mode). If you may notice, you can only use apps/plugins for twitter outside twitter using public mode.

No Reddit, Facebook and Youtube?

I dont know about these things. I think they are somewhat thinking about adding this social forums and platforms, its interesting if they will add these bad boys one soon.

The Confusion

The confusion is about the Social Interations and how I get awarded. Im active in the steemblockchain and its community, but I am more active in the discord servers, its more active and social in the discord server than the Steem blockchain literally itself.

Thoughts anyone on how are rewards calculated in a simple way? Please let me know and leave a comment.

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