The Vape I Use – Lucid Kit


Geek Vape

Awesome name by the way, love to share this experience and review the Product non-pro. The Lucid Kit is priced at $70-80 USD, comes with a Tank Mesh (40Watts) and a battery. It is also digitally adjustable from 0 watts to 80 watts, but who does 10 watts by the way?

This blog is just a recap from my latest post here
The battery is rechargable up to 1-2hours, you may able to puff it the wholeday in 40 watts. Only came up with a 40 watt setting because the mesh doesnt allow me to make it to 80 watts. The mesh is disposable, you have to buy another mesh tank after 2-4 weeks if the flavor of the e-juice tastes bad.

The e-juice I bought is a 250ML Yellow Burst which is I really dont know the specific flavor, but it is made from Japan, the flavor is like menthol and some sort of grape and lemonade.

Should I Buy non-nicotine Juice?

Well I guess so, I was thinking about it. I think I might not be able to smoke e-juice with nicotine because it is really depressing from my part because of withdrawal symptoms. I tried it for 1 week, it doesnt work.

Thats all for today, – Next Blog would be our Successful defense and adding the tag #cn for engagement purposes! Have a nice day!

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