Thesis Hustle!!!

Thesis Hustle

Its been a long week, and a long day since ive been posting here in my blog. Not because im not really earning so well in SteemPress but the truth is we are definitely busy like super busy. Im also glad there are still friends who would be supporting us also to motivate us for doing our Job so well.

In our Project Design case, our system is fully functional – but there are still some flaws. We cannot promise a “pure” smart fire detection because they only allow us to use Raspberry Pi instead of Windows stick, which is a lot faster than the raspberry pi.

In our conclusion of our Project Design, we concluded that maybe someday – This kind of system, or the concept of detecting fire and sprinkler automation maybe installed together with CCTV cameras or integrate a new detection system, in addition – we dont just rely on sensors but also rely to detect fire in a simple camera.

But a camera also needs support and monitoring 24/7, – anyways the security will have to monitor the screen for much long and actively.

PS: The pic from above are my college batchmates and supportive highschool classmates 5 years ago. Looking forward for tomorrows update from our System and to be written in my blog and on top of Steem Blockchain. Cheers and have a good day!

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