Thinking about owning a Pet Cat

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In a random day and a random night, I was thinking about adopting another cat in the house. Or I would rather say, adopt a pet for our home. Its been 2 years since our 2 cats are lost without the a trace, its sad that we dont have to deal with it because we have some busy schedules, busy appointments and so on. But now I am free, I was thinking to adopt a new Pet Cat.

I miss our very own and first pet cat named Gary, he died at the age of 7 year 2012. He died because we transferred to another city, we left him together with our Grandma. He was a fortunate and a loya cat, he does not really play that much, but he knows how to deal with human beings, he has this power to control the mood of the room and also give a welcome attention to visitors around.

What Im saying is, Cats are smart. (Dogs also, but I do not own a Dog. Not yet). Cats may seem to not care everytime you do something stupid, but he/she thinks something, trust me – most animals are smart when you know how to be with them or treat them like another person, and so as we treat our family pet Gary.

Why am I even talking about? Sometimes this is a shitpost, but this post felt like a diary or maybe to express myself about this day. I think I must be missing our pet Cats, and Im seeking loyalty or companion when I will be sleeping. I miss the good old time, we love you Gary. We always do.

Here is an old video 10 years ago. Im not abusing our Gary by the way, that is how we and he plays. 😛

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