Users Encouraged to use the Actifit App


The Actifit App Influence

First of all, I would like to thank @josephace135 for encouraging me and so as well the others to post our daily activity using the app actifit and post it to the steem blockchain. Not only we are earning little rewards, but we are encouraged to move and not lazing around in a couch.

Actifit is one of the awesome dApp developed by @mcfarhat, AFIT tokens is also SMT-based tokens. Together with SteemHunt, they have succesfully launched the project properly that is even following the roadmap. Even SMT’s are delayed, the two team from different projects are able to give bounties and rewards each users.

The Actifit App Influence is not really an initiative of mine. But just telling them to post their daily activities to the steem blockchain, and how easy it is to earn rewards.

Users who were Encouraged

The following Users are Influenced and encouraged to use the app from their daily activities. Since it is Summer, I assume that these guys are having a lot of time spending inside or outside the malls, or even having a vacation.


App Review

The app still needs more improvement, its not user friendly for everyone. Its easy to understand, but we are un-comfortable to use the app because of less features. There should be more insights and graphs from our daily report, or how many calories we burned from those steps. I mean, suggestions are open here ->

Again it really does needs some improvement, I also think the logo is not from theirs. Try to search ACTIFIT.png logo at google images.

FitBit Sync!

FYI: FitBit in a nutshell is similar to a SmartWatch. If you have this kind of Gadget while wearing it, you may use FitBit watch to sync with Actifit, instead of using your phone. But it is quite expensive, I also thought that FitBit is worth $20 or so, but it isnt. It is worth $100 USD. That is 5,000 PHP in our country.

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