Welcome to the Steem Platform (For Dummies)

To begin with this post, please take not that this post is for dummies and also not trying to offend you in any part of these topic. If you already are a registered user, you might want to start on the “Introduce Yourself” section

Steem Account Registration

Now the very hardest part of entering this platform is to register and confirm your identity. Why would the Steem INC always do this? This is to prevent spammers on attacking the platform, and also since HF20 is already implemented (which new users are trying to understand), I dont know if this would make it a lot faster than before.

For the registration last that HF20 was not implemented yet, you will have to wait a few more days to confirm your account. If you are in a rush then you may also buy an account through blocktrades – anonsteem – steeminvite.

Introduce Yourself

Lets make this topic very short for newbies since I think that newbies dont reall read that much and was overwhelmed from the approval of their registration (just like me). First thing you might want to do are the following..

  • Change your Profile Picture
  • Change your Cover Phot
  • Change your Display Name
  • Change your Country
  • Change your Website

Please take not that you may identify yourself as a “Unknown User” or “Anonymously” but you can never hide your transactions from the blockchain, because the blockchain does not lie.

Do anything you want with your introduction. But Ill give you an example. Click Here its from my sisters blog, shes currently inactive because she is busy with her studies.

Join Communities from Discord Servers

After you introduce yourself, some really dont get why they are sad after their 2nd post. It is also important to install and join discord servers because this is where how you build relationships and so on. This is why you get demotivated.

  • No Upvotes
  • No Comments
  • No Growth

Let me remind you the steem is not just steemit. Steemit is just a website that enables you to post your favorite ideas and etc. Steem is wide and you will be needing help or a community to help you grow more. I may only able to help newbies from these servers

SteemHunt – Dig Products Earn Steems
SteemPress – From your Blog to Blockchain
Musing – Decentralized Question and Answer

Next topic, I will be introducing a few dApps.

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