Would you HODL Hunt Tokens?

Thanks To Canva

Would you HODL or DUMP your Hunt Tokens?

The Hunt Platform, not just SteemHunt has been growing for a year. Thanks to @jayplayco from his long article he made here. Trust me, go give him 50 claps he deserves it, we all deserve it! I am also going to celebrate my existence in this platform. For almost a year, I seen so many changes from the platform. Not just about user-scores and the rewards pool, but also new users and new posted hunts and products.

Since some of the hunters are already earning more tokens than expected, hunters including me did not expect for a hunt token worth $0.02 USD at IEOs, now what would you do with your hunts tokens, would you stay and not dump your hard earned tokens for a year, or hodl just a little bit?

Hunt Tokens SOLD OUT!

Hunt Tokens are Sold out in just a few seconds and minutes, which also a sign of higher and bigger demands outside the market. We just dont know yet what will happen after the tokens are available for trade at DayBit, the first SMT to be traded.

Lets have a recap.

1) First IEO at IDCM Korea

IDCM, or International Digital Currency Markets, provides digital currency exchange services like BTC, BCH, XRP, ETH and more.

The first IEO was Launched at March 14, 2019 with a largest bonus rate of about 17% this was the first sale from IDCM-Korea and it sold out for 3 Minutes. At first I thought the tokens were sold for only 3 seconds, I immediately read the post from the announcement. It seems that we are already walking in the right path.

2) Second IEO at Probit Exchange

Probit is also another Exchange that offers IEOs including the Hunt Tokens. Probit was also the first who accepted Steem Tokens in exchange for Hunt Tokens.

The second IEO was Launched succesfully at Martch 22-26, 2019. It Successfully reached at 146.63% from its current goal. The unique offered from Probit is when referring your friends from Probit Exchange would also give you at least 1% of how much the user you referred to.

3) Third IEO at DayBit Exchange

The third IEO at DayBit exchange was a very huge success, with 3 rounds of selling hunt tokens, and with the Hunt Platform on its road to success, DayBit exchanges primarily lists Hunt Tokens. I already knew that some users who has been around in SteemHunt bought Hunt Tokens.

Main Question AGAIN…

The HuntPlatform as I have mentioned (not just SteemHunt) has been around for a year now. What would you do from those tokens you earned? Comment down below, give me a valuable reason why.

Would you rather Invest it to Materials and things for the ReviewHunt? or any other reasons?

I will be rewarding users a total of 5-10 STEEM in the PrizePool! Comment now!

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