What Inspires Us?

PS: For the Photo, its already Midnight at this Time.

What Inspires Us?

Hey, its been a long weekend! Im going to make a blog that which is short but also interesting to read, maybe about 200 words or so. So what really motivates us or inspires us for doing things? Just a week ago, most of my closest friends just graduated college, and I find it so depressing because I might not able to see them again in the next few months. Our hearts didnt break, but we will surely miss them for their absense of their presence.

Motivation and Inspiration takes place when there are people that surrounds you are your closest friends, colleagues or maybe even you family. In a nutshell – Social Interaction with our closest friend motivates us, and inspires us from doing our Job full time, creating hopes and dreams for tomorrow. Setting up our mind that we are not alone fighting for something, fighting for our dreams or whatsoever.

Now What?

Oh, tonight. We will be having a party together with our Pets. Because my friends dont drink alcohol, (actually we dont drink), we will just instead celebrate it with foods and pizzas. I am also hoping that @simplethon would be there, because he has some doubts about the party, – maybe he wouldn’t come because of basketball games. Hopefully he will be attending later, Ill see you guys there too!

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