What is my movie Torrent preference?

Thanks to Google


Its simple a list of Downloadable HD movies from 720pHD to 1080p BLURAY movies, you can even find 3D formats in these downloadable torrent links. Its free and their services are very trusted, even though sharing these online are illegal. But mind you we not supporting an illegal activity, its the governments’ responsible for not shutting this website down.

They were already forced to shutdown, but they keep changing website domains because someone has been attacking them (DDoS), and we know its the government, because it is obviously illegal at some point.

They have two main websites, which is YTS for downloading movies, and YIFY for streaming movies. Check it out! (careful, some are scam and ad spammy)

What is YTS stand for?

I also dont know, but if you want to read the wikipedia information, you may able to find it directly from google. They are famous, but steem isnt lol.

Some movies are not updated, but they really keep in track for what is the most reliable links that we “users” can download. – Yes, those are just links (some) are find at thepiratebay, but I sometimes hate piratebay because of spammy and porno advertisements, its very inappropriate for me as a user. (Well what do you expect from the Deep Web?)


This specific website is my reliable source of downloading movies, some are not listed. But you guys may able to suggest anyways. They also recommened for using VPN, because some countries are hard banning these illegal activities. If these are illegal, are we considered also a criminal for using this service? (I havent read downloading movies without paying is illegal in our country, but selling movies without the studios’ consent or selling it illegaly is considered a crime) What reliable source are you using for download the latest high and best quality that you can download?

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