What would be a Great Summer Vibe?

Shot 7 years ago, That was 2012

Summah Time!

In the Philippines, its a season of heat and summer vacations. School have not yet adjusted their timeline for the standard enrollment of classes at August. Other schools are yet to implement this system, in my case like in our University. We haven’t thought about that much about changing the class enrollments and having the December our Semestral Breaks. In addition, some Univerisites are implementing Tri-Semesters which there are no summers but the student may able to have a rest for 3 long months without December Breaks.

I could still clearly remember those days, all the beach activities and the bondings we made together with my Cousins. They are awesome, but now they are already adulting and still studying in a University, it would be quite difficult to hang out with these guys because we have a different schedule and different appointments.

What would be my Great Summer Vibe

I know Steem has been pretty boring since then. I now enjoyed playing DrugWars, but too lazy to play SteemMonsters. This feeling to hustle more in Steem is also pretty enjoyable, but not always. I mean comon, we need more dApps. The great Summer Vibe would be creating Vlogs, dont you think? What do you think? I think @eSteem would be a great app to post photos of your daily activities right? HUSTLE IT MORE!

Invite your Cousins!

Hot damn! Avengers is almost there, we or I myself is going to be watching the movie this 28. I may able not to watch the movie on weekdays because of Summer Class. “Oh Chuuuckie you have, Summer Classes?” YES SIR! I still have 23 Units to enroll so I may able to graduate this year! Yes this is it! I also would not be able to celebrate this early, maybe bad-karma will visit our home and BOOM see you this MARCH! lol

More Piano Lessons!

Im excited to Sharpen my skills on playing Piano. I am already learning more and understanding more about Piano Chords. Although I may not be able to blog it because it doesnt motivate me for blogging it. I blog because I like to express myself in this day, I also dont do it everyday, and yes Piano Lessons will also be considered a motivational encounter with something Unique to also discover experienced that we havent experienced yet.

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