Why Cryptocurrency is Important to Me


Please be advised that this blog is non-professional, I am not a writer nor someone who has a Professional Skill

Hi, Im Isaac Bryle Jaim but you may call me Chuckie. Im a 20 year old ordinary guys who is still studying a Bachelors degree of Computer Engineering. I want to share this experience to everyone.

Cryptocurrency or the Blockchain technology kept on surging since 2017, on that year most of the traders, idealists and professionals started to trade with Bitcoin “The Mother of All Cryptocurrency” at first I was skeptic, maybe because the price will go down at some point because Crypto is volatile and decentralized.

After knowing what Cryptocurrency is, it was never important for me. Maybe because I was just an ordinary student back then – chasing my own dream at some point. I never see the opportunity of earning bitcoin like mining except for trading. October 2017 I went back to my coins.ph wallet, I didn’t know that the price of Bitcoin rose to at almost $10000, everyone is hyped and so was I. I didn’t begin with trading or etc, then I learned what Steem is.

I begin to value Cryptocurrency after knowing the Steem Blockchain. Here in Steem, I was able to learn how blockchain works because they are saying “Blogging is the new Mining” I was not able to understand and see the big picture back then, I was able to not just mine by blogging but also experience it. The Steem Network enlightened me about Cryptocurrencies and other opportunities, nobody helped me the way how the platform works. I begin with my own research about Crypto especially the Steem Platform. I started to value it more because of the inspiration of learning Cryptography and Decentralization.

Now that Steem is paying/tipping me through Steem tokens, I became independent, I was willing to pay from my internet bills, electric bills and my needs for daily lifestyle. Because of this, Cryptocurrency helped me build connections to other nations like Indonesia, Malaysia, Nigeria, Korea and Australia.

For the main question, Ill give you a quickest and straigh to the point answer. It is important to because it helped me build relationships, audiences, create more opportunities and also build my own network. It also helped me understand and keep the mindset of “Buy the things you only needed in life” thats why it is important for me and I think it will be also important in the next few years – for that I am willing to wait. Cheers!

This post is a submission to CoinGecko’s ”Why Cryptocurrency Is Important To Me” Writing Contest

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