Why SteemPh won’t be rising Again?


Responding to the Post – https://steemit.com/esteem/@juichi/still-have-this-faith-that-steemit-philippines-will-rise-again-b955fa56223ca

PS: This post is not hateful or discriminatory, I will be stating my facts on what I see from months ago and even now.

Stop Being Delusional

A message for the community to stop being a so delusional, stop imagining things that it will happen. The twist is it wont happen, its yet another failure from “them” or maybe specifically “just one person” because they are thinking about themselves, not the community, not the product but for self expense – just look at their wallets, they keep transfering liquid steem for their own benefit, they even powered down the communcal account. Kudos to Steemians who had a proper job and helping the Steem Ecosystem.

No Real Investment

Without real investment such as time and effort, your product, vision and mission is failure. Let us say the @onerace , @steemph.cebu and Steemphcebubasketball – I forgot the account. Even onerace sold their SP to a bidbot (LOL)

A Place of Abusers

Philippines is a 3RD world country, it means we are the country who is almost the same as the Africa and Indonesia. Our country is not that rich, therefore money is good in our Country, but in my case I am already living the life, see my wallet – I dont withdraw too much, I only withdraw for my pet’s food and maintenance, not Social Expenses.

Will still be Community Driven Social Communities?

Yes there will be, if there will be real money invested + a solid vision and mission. Those incentives earned by that community will not be fully withdrawn, but use it in the long run for future expenses. I think the goal here is in the long term, not a short term. We are already planning a great community hub for Steemians so they can make potentially cool vlogs and blogs.

Making them produce a quality content, even they dont have proper resources to buy one.

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