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Community Question for this Week!

1. Content that Makes Steemhunt Attractive for New Users
Any type of articles or video content that can attract new users to become hunters. These contents can be well-structured project descriptions, high quality videos, translated content (to attract non-English speaking users) and more.

Even though the Contribution guidelines has been changed, I would still want to promote @SteemHunt for new users inside the Steem Community.

1. A constructive article that has a topic to discuss/share valuable information for Steemhunt project (i.e. Utopian contribution post) changed since 7/31/18.

I believe that in engaging to other hunters not just on discord but here on Steemit is to make SteemHunt also to feel more lively. Lets also make engagements so that people or other steemians would know that we are an active community! Now you know what my vision is, how does this work or how to Join?

If things go successful, lets make this a weekly community question. It would also be awesome if SteemHunt would atleast upvote this post so the prize pool would be a lot bigger. Example – If rewards = 3 steem and 3sp, the prize pool would depend on the donations and the host. If SteemHunt upvotes this post and have a post rewards of 5steem – 5 sp , lets give all away the worth of SteemHunts upvote in steem and in steempower since both are still equal!

Prize Pool is 7.5 STEEM

Grand Winner – @golddeejay 3 Steem Prize

Wow…I love this. I have also been thinking along this line. I think the blockchain needs to understand, we don’t hunt just for the upvote. We enjoy it, we love hunting!

To this contest…

Level 3
69 Approved Hunts
What makes me an awesome hunter?

Well, I think I am an awesome hunter because I don’t just hunt to fill the space. Most of my hunts spoke to me, they made me nod my head and say “yes, I like that product/service and I should get it if can”.

The truth is I misjudged some times, there are some hunts I have had in my browser’s tabs but I never posted them. They are amazing products that is why I have them opened in my browser in the first instance. They just didn’t have that ‘wow’ effect on me. The reasons ranges from knowing a ‘cheaper’ solution or seeing a related hunt before. I would not post a hunt about ‘smelly shoe/feet’ solution because I know a simple and cheaper homemade solution that works well if not more than the products out there.

Well some of those hunts I refused to post ended up been posted by another hunters and ranked at the top. But no regret! It has to speak to me and makes me eager to want to write about it. I hardly hunt games (all due respect to game hunters) except they add some values in real life. My only game hunt is a VR game that improve driving skills

I try as much as I can to bring hunts that not only solve particular problems but faster and cheaper. And add fun to life in an uncommon way. Sometimes, a hunt I can relate to takes me hours to get (through the night at times) but I enjoy it.

Also I drop meaningful comments on hunts that makes me feel that way.

Enough said…I am fu^^ing awesome hunter that brings awesome practical products to people’s attention.

That would be even more valuable, because you gave meaningful comments. Some hunters just want to milk the system. They also Abused the ABV v2.0 system, I may able to name them, but nah. Enough drama.

1st Runner Up – @calprut 1.5 Steem Prize

Level = 4
Approved Hunts = 170+
Answer =

I think the most important part to define “an awesome hunter” is the hunts itself.

Let me explain :
The hunts that i maked indirectly reflects a person’s personality. I always try to present something that:

Unique – to increase knowledge that there is crazy innovation out there. like my product “Squeeze Music”
entertaining. Like my hunt for “Virtuix Omni”
Strange. Like “Sprout World”
Useful. Like “The Carbon Sink” and “Be -H”
I’m sure all hunters have their own personalities about their own game.

As an example :

@ dyleeo that focuses on something she can use and products that are able to solve the most common problems.
@ fknmyhem which focuses on WOW designs.
@ tehhumble which focuses on something more specific in terms of benefits.
So the conclusion is :

What makes you an awesome Hunter?

What makes you awesome hunter is hunting that suits your interests and passion.

This is not only a matter of Upvote, STEEM, and income. But, hunting is all about channeling and sharing what you like.

XD, haha maybe my opinion looks stupid, but I (in my heart) I am very happy when people like a product that I introduce to them, and they give some reaction, opinion, and comments.

At least your comments really came from your heart. Good job Calprut.

Honorable Mention – @jassennessaj 1 Steem Prize

Yay! I’m still in. Wishing to get that 1.5 STEEM. But wait, there’s more.

Level 5
9 Approved Hunts

The thing that makes us awesome are the community that keeps this platform active and alive. Steemhunt is changing the world by rewarding contributors and hunters who shares us amazing hunts that exist in the internet. As a result, we’re developing a site that features the important parameters of innovation. Cool gadgets, amazing apps, brilliant web services, innovative technologies, and many more into one place.

We are awesome hunters because we know how motivated we are by the fact that the Steemhunt platform are rewarding us for being geniune to add “value” to the community. The Steemhunt team makes us awesome, bringing a lot of influencers to join this fast-rising community.

As expected from @jassennessaj, If you were not one of the sponsors of this contest. You would be the Grand Winner. Your comments sounds too professional I might say.

Participants shall also receive 0.375 STEEM from the Prize Pool

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@chuuuckie – SteemHunt Influencer

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